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The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My

Tove Jansson, 1952.

Kuinkas sitten kävikään?

English translation Schildts Förlags Ab

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Moomintroll from the milk-shop ran

With milk for Mother in his can

Up through the forest dark and wide

Wind in the tall trees moaned and sighed

The road was eerie, long and dear,

‘Twas six o’clock and dusk was near

How tired he was feeling – when –

What do you think happened then?


The forest end com into sight,

Gay flowers bloomed, the sun shone bright,

Moomintroll hurried up the pass

To rest his feet upon the grass.

But what is this peculiar blob

Adorned by something like a knob?

It looks like Mother’s house, I’ll own’,

Said he, how tall the chimney’s grlown’.

He eagerly run up the green –

What do you think happened then?


‘Twas not a house he – touched a knob

And heard most unhappy sob

It was poor Mymble in distress

And teardrops trickled down her dress.

Said Moomintroll, oh pleas don’t cry!

She sobbed ”I lost my sister My.

Some knave has hidden her, no doubt

In this tin with the bottom out”.

Sad Moomin “Let’s crawl in and see»

As he took Mymble’s hand so wee.

They crept together through the teen

What do you think happened then?


They came through to the other side,

But still no trace of My they spied.

But Gaffsie sat with tousled hair

And growled ”Disturb me if you dare!”

She angled fishes by the brook.

Dear me! How cross did Gafsie look.

She cried “Explain to me, I pray,

Why you com trampling in my way?”

Said Mymble “Com , I fear she’ll bite

They shrank to half their usual height,

Tiptoed into the cape – or den –

What do you think happened then?


They hunted low, they hunted high,

But still no sign of little My.

The wind was howling front and back,

Trough every cranny, every crack,

While all around them and about

Were giant boulders sticking out.

Cried Moomintroll “ I’ll never see

My home or Mother, woe is me!”

They almost hoping , when –

What do you think happened then?


A big Hemulin was cleaning away.

(He thought ‘twas nearing Christmas Day)

He whistled while his vacuum roared.

With cleaning he was never bored.

He worked away so merrily

Till oh! An awful tragedy!

The mouthpiece of the vacuum rose

And drew our friends

Right in the hose.

Mymbl and Moomin, milk - oh dear!

‘Twas dark and cold and dusty there.

Then little My strolled along,

Not knowing that a thing was wrong,

And hear the cries of Moomintroll

So with her scissors cut a hole.

As they emerged she laughed with glee,

Oh, Mymble, you so black!” cried she.

Sad Mymbl with a joyful cry

“At last we’ve saved you, little My!”

The Hemulen was white with ire,

So they decided they’d retire,

And through the open window, when –

What do you think happened then?


A fillyjonk all dressed red

Slept by the window on her bad.

She woke up in an awful fright

And howled and yelled with all her might.

Said, little My, as down she sat,

Oh, look! I think I’ve squashed her flat.”

The fillyjonk, with frightened look

Leaped to the next page of this book.

Just see the hole that she has made,

A very large one, I’m afraid.

But after her we’ll go again.

What do you think happened then?


The fillyjonk when she has calmed

Herself – try and drew her for yourself.


She’s disappeared, I do declare!

It’s just her red dress hanging there.

Oh, thrhr you are”, sad little My,

And now a new one she must by!”

They came now to a lonesome shore.

The gale was blowing more and more.

Big waves beat high upon the beach,

An owl com out and gave a screech.

Round Moomin’s mouth his face has paled,

I want my Mother, please!”, he wailed,

She need this can of milk tonight

Just then they saw a welcome light.

Oh, joy! A house along the fen!

What do you think happened then?


Oh! How horrid! Inside to see

Hattifattners all at tee;

Hattifattners in crowds

Burned with lightning

From the cloud.

Wi’ll catch fire!” said little My

Said Mymble “Those Hattifattners! Fie!

Everyone ran out again,

What do you think happened then?


Now it was flowing even more –

The rain came down in endless pour.

“We’ll be drowned”, sad little My,

With her umbrella to the sky.

The ground was wet as well could be

With Mymble’s tears - just like a sea.

Until the sun came out so gay

And warmed her with its gentle ray.

But look! Behind the clouds up there

Two welcome Moomin ears appear.

Who’s come to take them home again?

What do you think happened then?


Look at this page and you will see

A lovely picture, you’ll agree.

That all their troubles now are past

They’ve all come safety home at last.

Mid roses Moominmamma sat

And cleaned berries in a hat.

She had a rose upon her head.

Hello! I’m glad you’re back”, she said.

We’ll have some milk a party too,

I’m sure, young friends, we welcome you”.

She went to pour the milk out, when –

What do you think happened then?


Alas! The milk she could not get

For it had curdled and had set!

She said “Now, in the future, we’ll

Drink strawberry-juice in every meal!!!”

This hole – the very last, you see –

They can’t get trough – it’s much too wee.

We’ll stay here in this book, and why?”

“Cause we are too big!!!” said little My.